My name is Natalia. I am a photographer based in Brentford ( South West London).


I am a big dog lover and happy owner of 2 pets - French Bulldog called Stanley and a ginger cat- Xena. Love them to bits!  One of my biggest sin is fashion addiction. I can surf on the fashion websites endlessly...Also, I'm a big food lover...because of this I am spending lots of my free time at the gym. 

My photography passion grown for many years and turn into something big. I am proud to work alongside with Dominika Miechowska Photography. Almost every weekend I am witness of beauty of true love. I can meet fantastic people and capture happiness.               

My photographic style - it's a mix of traditional and contemporary wedding portraiture. I love to capture some special moments end emotions.


My Bucket list


1. Travel around every single state in United States.
2. Win a main prize in a lottery.
3. Open a dog shelter.
4. Become a Drake friend :)
5. Become a millionaire before my 30's birthday.
6. Attend an Octoberfest.
7. Open a restaurant.
8. Try most of the food in the world.
9. Jump on a bungee.
10. Be happy during my entire life.